NRTC Managed Services Adds Two New Cybersecurity Packages

Randy Sukow



The number of connected devices in homes and businesses across America has been increasing steadily over several years and the COVID-19 pandemic did nothing but accelerate the pace. NRTC Managed Services is helping its members and member customers keep up with two new TechShield packages to protect devices where they live, round-the-clock, year-round.

“Now your customers can get a full technology solution that bundles premium technical support with our internet security suite,” said Jon Bartleson, president of NRTC Managed Services in a recent customer newsletter. “Gone are the days of needing to pack up your computer and take it to the big box store to get it fixed or waiting days for your techie cousin to stop over to help.”

In 2020, NRTC introduced TechShield, tools to protect devices, online accounts, files, and photos, along with TechShield Professional featuring endpoint security, password management and cloud backup. Now available, Managed Services adds both consumer and business packages that include premium support services for both packages.

  • TechShield Support builds on TechShield by adding a Wi-Fi assessment application and 24/7/365 premium tech support. Users can be certain that an experienced technician will always be available to assess technology issues as they arise.
  • TechShield Professional Support is the business version and also includes nonstop remote product and tech support in addition to advanced endpoint protection, cloud backup and password manager.

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