NRTC Members Please Look for NRTC Board Voting Delegate Form

Randy Sukow


NRTC is democratically controlled by is members.

In December, please be sure to check U.S. mail deliveries for letters requesting member designations for voting delegates at the 2021 NRTC Annual Meeting.

To accommodate a planned virtual meeting in early 2021, we are asking members to send the names and email addresses of four potential voting representatives: the voting delegate, the alternate voting delegate, the cooperative GM/CEO and the president/chairman of the co-op board. We ask that members return the form approximately a month before the meeting, which we will announce shortly. The official notice of annual meeting early next year will provide more information.

Reminder: NRTC in November sent a call for nominations for four Class A board seats and one Class B seat. The deadline is Dec. 7 for Class A nominations and Dec. 10 for Class B. NRTC members may send further questions about the voter delegate form and board elections to

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