NRTC Mobile Solutions Now Offering Rural 5G Service

Randy Sukow


5G Illustration Rural Area

Starting this month, NRTC Mobile Solutions, a turnkey mobile virtual network operator (MVNO), is offering all resellers the opportunity to introduce 5G mobile voice and data services in their areas. 5G offers data transmission and internet access at up to 20 times the speed of current 4G service. After becoming commonplace in major metropolitan areas about a year ago, Mobile Solutions is helping promote 5G entry into rural markets.

Mobile Solutions’ national mobile network partner is not yet offering 5G in all parts of the United States. “There are roughly 50 major metropolitan areas where 5G is available, but that number is increasing rapidly,” said Amber Flores, a Mobile Solutions marketing analyst.

The 5G service launch comes the same month that NRTC Mobile Solutions celebrates its 20th Anniversary. In a recent interview, Mobile Solutions President Curtis Knobloch said he looks forward to the seeing the new technologies grow out of 5G, noting the many advances that 4G inspired. Many expect 5G to be a catalyst for new automation and internet of things innovations.

Users must obtain a 5G-compatible device to access the 5G network. Mobile Solutions currently is offering its resellers wholesale rates for the Apple iPhone 12 as well as five models of Samsung 5G smart phones and other devices.

NRTC members interested in introducing 5G power into their rural areas through the affordable MVNO route may contact NRTC Mobile Solutions at its Wichita Falls offices.

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