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NRTC RDOF Consortium Members Continue to Win Support

Randy Sukow


The FCC has authorized six additional members of the NRTC Phase I RDOF Consortium to receive universal support through the Rural Digital Opportunity Fund. The six providers will receive some of the more than $640 million in payments the FCC announced yesterday to serve 250,000 locations across 26 states. Thus far, the FCC has authorized a total $4.7 billion in RDOF funding to deploy broadband to almost 2.7 million locations nationwide. The FCC has previously approved other NRTC members for RDOF awards.

Among the NRTC Consortium members appearing in the latest Public Notice:

  • Aiken Electric Cooperative was awarded more than $45,000 to serve 34 locations.
  • East Central Vermont Telecommunications District will deploy to over 2,600 locations in return for more than $2.4 million over 10 years.
  • Hood River Electric Cooperative will cover 1,720 locations with an award of $2.2 million.
  • Orange County Rural Electric Membership will receive nearly $6 million to deploy to more than 6,500 locations over 10 years.
  • South Central Indiana REMC was awarded over $3.4 million to reach more than 4,100 locations.
  • Southeastern Indiana REMC will deploy to approximately 5,100 locations in exchange for nearly $900,000 over 10 years.

NRTC Funding Services will continue to monitor RDOF announcements. NRTC is also tracking additional state and federal funding programs information becomes available.

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