NRTC Staff Share Technology Perspectives in Summer Video Series

Randy Sukow


Streaming Video: Trends and Perspectives

Beginning this week, NRTC has gathered some of its most knowledgeable staff for a series of TechTalk videos. NRTC offers a wide range of services for its members, ranging from broadband internet network construction to planning smart grid technologies to meet the growing demand for electricity. NRTC’s experts offer a quick behind-the-scenes perspective.

The approximately 90-second videos cover where various technologies stand today and give a quick assessment of developments to expect in the future. “We think there is still a major play for video and mostly because one of the things our members do better than anyone else is customer service,” says Renee Harrison, VP, Video Solutions, in the opening entry looking at streaming video trends. “Our members are still the go-to for customers in rural America when they want technologies.”

Milt Geiger, NRTC’s VP, Smart Grid Solutions, declares that energy storage “has arrived” as an important tool for electric cooperatives. “For years, we’ve been talking about early adopters, but now the opportunity is available to co-ops. It’s not something we need to test … it is considered reliable enough to consider,” he said.

NRTC is planning to introduce videos through the month of July. Look for the following on and NRTC’s social media pages:

  • Streaming Video: Trends and Perspectives – June 14
  • Satellite Internet: Part of a Broadband Strategy – June 21
  • Storage: The Hype Becomes Reality – June 28
  • Supply Chain: What Do the Next 12 Months Look Like? – July 12
  • Infrastructure Funding: Be Ready for Your Opportunity – July 19
  • Applications for Rural Providers – July 26

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