NRTC Upgrades Cybersecurity Services for Member Use

Randy Sukow


SilverSky and NRTC Join Forces

NRTC today announced a partnership with SilverSky, a North Carolina-based managed cybersecurity services provider. Through this partnership NRTC will be able to offer members affordable access to comprehensive cybersecurity tools and experts that will provide 24x7x365 monitoring and help identify vulnerabilities, prioritize risk and respond to attacks.

“Our members provide essential electric and telecommunications services to rural America and thus are obvious targets for hackers. It is vital we arm them with comprehensive cybersecurity tools and resources,” said Jon Bartleson, president NRTC Managed Services said in a press release.

While being high-profile targets for cyber criminals, many NRTC members might have difficulty hiring qualified staff to detect and remedy attacks. SilverSky provides a solution. A few of the prominent new capabilities include:

  • Managed Detection and Response (MDR). Real-time monitoring of cyber threats across email servers, security devices, routers and all other corners of a company’s network. The system rapidly investigates and disrupts threats with the assistance of machine learning and updated threat information.
  • Managed Endpoint Detection & Response (MEDR). A team at SilverSky’s Security Operations Center (SOC) views network endpoints around the clock. Automated, policy-driven systems allow for rapid response.
  • Cyber Service Advisor. A SilverSky representative meets with each security system subscriber quarterly to review and interpret the metrics and look for any security gaps.

“SilverSky has provided a comprehensive, powerful platform of integrated security technologies,” said Scott Watts, product management and strategy lead for NRTC Managed Services. “You will have visibility into your attack surface from ground to cloud and across endpoints.” Watts said that the company’s cybersecurity analysts and experts can develop a customized playbook to fit each network.

Jason McGinnis, SilverSky’s president and chief operating officer, will be a familiar face for some NRTC members. He was president of NRTC Managed Services for more than four years through January 2021. “Accompanying our ongoing emphasis on serving frequently underserved healthcare organizations and educational institutions, this partnership with NRTC helps expand that effort with a distinct focus on the needs of our nation’s rural communities,” McGinnis said.

All NRTC members are invited to attend a free webinar, “Managed Cybersecurity Made Simple, Affordable & Accessible for Telcos & Electric Co-ops,” on Tuesday, June 7, at 2 p.m. Eastern Time. Register today  to learn more about SilverSky and its value to rural communities.

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