Pandemic Needs Drive New Managed Services Solutions

Randy Sukow


The nine months of COVID-19 precautions have led to increased working from home and surging demand for broadband services. At the same time, the pandemic also has had some regrettable effects, especially a sharp increase in cybercrime. NRTC Managed Services has been following all the trends and adjusting its services to fit member needs.

“These were particularly stressful times for consumers and businesses, so we made it a priority to ramp up staffing and find ways to maximize the call coverage,” said Jason McGinnis, president of NRTC Managed Services.

This week, Managed Services reviewed the steps it has taken during the pandemic.

  • In the first half of 2020, it increased the capacity of its technical call centers by 35 percent to handle raised call volumes.
  • Managed Services launched TechShield, a comprehensive set of tools to protect devices, online accounts, files, photos, and personal identity. TechShield Professional includes advanced features, such as endpoint security, password management and cloud backup.
  • It has upgraded its Network Analysis solution by beta testing and then launching a DNS (domain name system) Insights product. The new capability allows members to monitor and optimize routing and traffic flow.
  • It has released educational materials to help members with cybersecurity issues. It also has hosted cybersecurity-related webinars, including the recent heavily attended webinar, “Cybersecurity – Now It’s Personal!” featuring a live demonstration of a phishing attack.

NRTC members can learn more about these activities and the wide variety of online products and services available through NRTC Managed Services by writing to

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