PowerSecure Offers Tour of Alternative Energy Possibilities

Randy Sukow


A team of senior personnel from Northeast Oklahoma Electric Cooperative (NOEC) recently joined NRTC on a visit to PowerSecure’s headquarters and manufacturing campus in Raleigh, North Carolina. This engagement allowed NRTC the opportunity to acquaint NOEC with PowerSecure’s offerings as they undertake an evaluation of energy resource solutions aimed at enhancing member benefits while aligning with federal funding initiatives.

NOEC is in the process of assessing various funding programs, including the government’s  Powering Affordable Clean Energy PACE Program | Rural Development (usda.gov). PowerSecure’s array of solutions encompasses microgrid systems, exemplified by recent installations for entities like Clay Electric Cooperative of Florida. Additionally, the Raleigh facility boasts a state-of-the-art Network Operations Center (NOC), enabling PowerSecure technicians to remotely monitor the performance of solar, battery, and microgrid installations nationwide.

During the visit, depicted in the accompanying image, NOEC and NRTC representatives viewed a generator integrated within a microgrid system. The tour also encompassed a detailed exploration of the control system governing individual devices connected to the microgrid, as well as an overview of PowerSecure’s manufacturing operations.

Below, left to right, are Todd Jackson, VP, Strategic Development, PowerSecure; Ricky Hignite, Manager of Information Technology, NOEC; NRTC Regional Business Manager Matt Timmons; Greg Bartolomei, President, Smart Grid Solutions, NRTC); Shane Burgess, Manager of Engineering, NOEC; NOEC General Manager Daniel Webster; Mike Whatley, PowerSecure Account Executive; Chad Buchanan, VP, PowerSecure, and NOEC CFO Sean Friend.

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