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  1. Additional Local RAD/DNS Server
    When additional servers are needed for redundancy, NeoNova will provide a local caching DNS, DHCP, RADIUS, Proxy and other services on supported hardware. Remote installation assistance as well as remote management of the server is included. 
  2. Adversarial Simulation
    The Adversarial Simulation is a threat-faithful ethical hacker simulated cyber attack that tests the Affiliate’s ability to protect network assets, detect intrusions, and respond to a cyber incident before significant damage occurs. It will also validate potential impact resulting from a cyber attack. Deliverables include a presentation covering test activities, test results and recommendations for mitigating weaknesses.
  3. App Portal
    App Portal is the brandable web-based end user interface we provide as part of the Affiliate Program. It allows NeoNova to present services to the end user of an Affiliate as if the Affiliate was providing a web-based portal for accessing account management tools, paid services, links and other important information.
  4. Authentication/IP Management
    AAA (Access, Authorization, Accounting) services include IP Management, DHCP, and RADIUS. IP Management includes Pool definition and management from NovaSubscriber for use with DHCP and Radius implementations. DHCP includes standard random pool assigned IPs, Mac-based pool or static IP assignments, Option82-based pool or static assignments, local redundancy, along with a web-based log search and lease configuration interface. RADIUS includes unlimited service-level custom templates including customizable vendor-specific attributes, local and cloud based redundancy, as well as full configuration and accounting searchability from NovaSubscriber. We also support automatic session disconnect for certain vendor hardware from NovaSubscriber where auto-disconnect use-cases are needed.  
  5. Business Mail Lite
    This Service provides business class mail to small SMBs, including 5 GB email storage, instant messaging, shared calendaring, and document storage. It is billed on a monthly per user basis at the rate of $2.00 per user per month. There may be a monthly minimum fee for this Service.
  6. Collocation
    Provides cost-effective and reliable bandwidth. The features that are included in the monthly billing model are: AC and DC Power Plant, High Bandwidth Availability, Rich Carrier Diversity, and Cages and Cabinets.
  7. Credentialed Vulnerability Assessment
    The Credentialed Vulnerability Assessment is designed to identify technical vulnerabilities that could be exploited by cyber criminals. After working with the Affiliate to identify the systems and networks to be assessed and securing the necessary access and credentials, a scanning tool will be used to remotely scan all devices to identify potential weaknesses and evaluate cyber readiness. After analyzing the scanning results, minimizing false positives, and assigning priorities to validated Vulnerabilities, Affiliate will be provided with a customized and prioritized Plan of Actions and Milestones (POAM) that serves as a management tool for mitigating discovered vulnerabilities.
  8. CrowdFiber
    CrowdFiber is a sales and marketing automation platform. This platform helps providers analyze their geographic markets, deliver a competitive online buying experience for their customers and grow smarter. CrowdFiber allows providers to insert address searches on their website and integrate with many CRM, GIS, and billing systems.
  9. CSR & Sales Training (formerly Next-Gen Employee Training)
    A full-day, virtual training session tailored to the Affiliate’s specific service set and their team’s background to ensure maximum effectiveness. The goal of the training is to enable CSRs to understand how best to satisfy customers to reduce churn and upsell to increase revenue. 
  10. Customer Service Support
    Trained customer service representatives (CSR) will perform customer service account-related responsibilities that fall outside the scope of technical support, such as: guide subscribers through the bill payment process, basic billing account functionality, service availability and status updates , general question response and escalation, sales promotions/marketing campaigns, handle and escalate all customer service inquiries to best of ability.
  11. Custom Services
    Special projects that take advantage of NeoNova’s unique skillsets and experience to accomplish goals and provide services outside our other defined offerings. Details of the services will be included within specific Affiliate agreements.
  12. Cyber Risk Assessment
    Online, cyber risk self-assessment that provides the Affiliate with feedback on the effectiveness of its cybersecurity, a comparison to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework, and recommendations for optimizing its cybersecurity. 
  13. Cyber Resilience Certification Program
    The Cyber Resilience Certification Program (CRCP) is divided into three Cyber Resilience Levels (CRLs) that each incorporate, to varying degrees, a comprehensive set of Cybersecurity Objectives (CsOs). The breadth of CsO implementation required for certification and the rigor of assessments increases with each certification level, with lower level certifications laying the foundation for future enhancements. The CRCP is divided into two phases: (1) Certification Phase and (2) Sustainment Phase. The Certification Phase is a one-time assessment of the Affiliate’s existing cybersecurity controls followed by optimization of those controls to meet the CRL criteria. The Sustainment Phase is a 36-month program that includes recurring assessments, training, and testing to maintain resilience and also ensure the Affiliate’s cybersecurity is responding to current cyber threats.
  14. DNS
    NeoNova provides master authoritative DNS services through a cluster of cloud-based DNS servers. NeoNova Network Engineers will also configure and ship a local caching DNS service on a multifunctional server.  This server is 100% managed by NeoNova. Our engineers will work with your team to configure settings and master DNS zones on the authoritative servers, as well as settings and private zones on the local caching servers.
  15. DDoS Mitigation
    The Network Operations Center will provide the Affiliate with DDoS Mitigation Services to identify, isolate, and mitigate Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks as they begin to involve and affect the Affiliate’s network.
  16. Email – Business (formerly Business Mail Lite)
    A business email solution that Affiliates can sell to local businesses in their markets. Accounts are set up under the business’s domain and each seat includes 5GB of storage. Features include web-based or client-based email with spam and virus protection, calendar, contacts, chat, file storage, and file sharing. Includes 24x7x365 support via a dedicated phone number.
  17. Email – Residential
    Hosted Email (formerly Email – Residential) 
    NeoNova offers a residential email solution with spam-filtering and a full productivity suite that includes contacts, calendars, tasks, and file storage & sharing. Users can access their account via a full-featured web-based interface, traditional desktop-based email clients or mobile device email clients.
  18. FileHopper Plus
    FileHopper Plus is a resellable cloud-based automated file backup and restoration solution, available for both business and residential subscribers. Multiple tiers of file storage are available to fit different needs. Available for desktop, Android, and iOS. Includes 24x7x365 product support. 
  19. Identi-Fi
    Identi-Fi is a Wi-Fi analysis app designed to help subscribers troubleshoot Wi-Fi issues within their homes and share troubleshooting information with Help Desk Agents. Available for desktop, Android, and iOS. Includes 24x7x365 product support. 
  20. ISP Tech Support
    ISP Tech Support is a subscriber-facing support center utilizing phone, email and chat technologies to solve subscriber technical issues, answer questions, and act on behalf of Affiliates and their brand. NeoNova will work with Affiliate to capture preferred troubleshooting processes and will train technicians  on those processes as well as general troubleshooting and customer service techniques. ISP Tech Support uses proven technologies and processes to allow Technicians to present themselves to subscribers under the appropriate Affiliate brand. This in turn allows the Affiliate to market itself as a full-service, fully supported ISP. Available tech support includes Voice, Video, Data, and Wi-Fi. Platinum support involves agents being trained and logging into Affiliate-owned systems as part of the support process.
  21. Marketing Essentials Toolkit (fprmerly Core Marketing Support)
    Set of core marketing-related services designed to support efforts to grow revenue and strengthen existing customer relationships. Services include marketing collateral, educational collateral, mass email marketing platform, and supporting content for social media. 
  22. Marketing & PR Consulting
    Marketing & PR consulting services to supplement ongoing efforts. The services may include messaging, website content maintenance, graphic design, custom collateral development, social media planning and execution.  Contracted hours not used in a given month will not rollover to subsequent months.
  23. MyBackup
    MyBackup is a resellable cloud data backup and recovery service designed for residential subscribers.
  24. MySite
    Toolset and infrastructure that enable Affiliates to create web-hosting businesses. This service allows Affiliates to provision pre-selected packages or create ad-hoc feature-sets to satisfy any size endeavor that requires commercial hosting services, storage space and associated tools. Note that Affiliates are responsible for support related to the service’s use by its subscribers and business customers.
  25. NetAlert Monitoring
    NetAlert is a “device-enable service” that deploys hardware and software into the Affiliate’s IT enterprise network without a noticeable impact on system performance. The primary elements of NetAlert are organized into five categories: Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR), Packet Capture (PCap) and Analysis, Monitored Security Information and Event Management (SIEM), “Honeypot” Monitoring, and Signature-based Intrusion Detection. The base NetAlert package includes 1TB of storage for network packet capture (PCap) retention.

    Cyber threat analysts triage and investigate potential threats 24x7x365 to identify true threats and eliminate false positives. Once threat detections are validated, the Affiliate is alerted and provided detailed and actionable information that allows the Affiliate to quarantine affected endpoints and rapidly respond to contain the breach.
  26. Network Traffic Analysis
    Network Traffic Analysis is a monitoring and analysis tool that Affiliates can use to gain insight into what is happening on their networks in real time. Through a web-based dashboard that presents a number of displays and reporting functions, Affiliates can monitor and track internet traffic levels and patterns, device and applications usage, capacity levels as well as specific subscriber activity. 
  27. Network Traffic Analysis: DNS Insights
    More and more content on the internet is being hosted within Content Delivery Networks (CDNs) so it can be difficult to identify your traffic by type (video, gaming, social media, etc.) and applications (Disney+, XBOX, Instagram, etc.) using network flows alone. DNS Insights can unlock additional dimensions of flow data that provide you with granular and insightful information about your users traffic and traffic from the network as a whole.
  28. Network Utility Server (NUS) 
    Delivers a variety of services ISPs lean on to run their business. Deployed directly on the member’s network, the solution is a turn-key offering with capabilities of supporting the following services:
    • Broadband Access Control  
      • IP Management  
      • DHCP  
      • Authentication Management  
    • DNS Caching 
    • Speed Test Server – Basic or Premium 
    • Additional Applications  
      • FTP Server  
      • Email Proxy  
      • Private IP Address Probe (NOC Services)  
      • Network Traffic Analysis: DNS Insights Probe
        Our Members benefit from the high level of customization with each deployment along with the ‘managed’ approach we take to the hardware and the software services included with the solution.  NRTC currently has over 180 Network Utility Server deployed. 
  29. NOC Services: Monitoring and Management
    Network Operating Center (NOC) Monitoring will be provided on a 24x7x365 basis for the contracted devices. NeoNova will monitor the status of each device, validate alarms, and respond to events on the network as they occur by escalating the alarm to the appropriate contact and tracking to resolution.

    Devices contracted for NOC Management will include maintenance and strategic input provided by NeoNova. During Network events, if contracted devices are impacted, NeoNova will troubleshoot the issue and work with all necessary parties to resolution of the issue. Root cause analysis will then be performed and recommendations provided to minimize the risk of recurrence.
    • NOC Monitoring
      • Watch
      • Respond
      • Track to Resolution
    • NOC Management 
      • Resolve
      • Configuration Backup & Restore
      • Moves/Adds/Changes
      • Carrier escalation
      • Device maintenance
  30. NovaSecure
    The NovaSecure Cybersecurity Suite is available on a monthly per subscriber basis and consists of the following components. Self Analysis & Security Policies: NeoNova will provide access to a self-risk analysis and will help Affiliates develop a custom security policy for their network, facility and staff. Website Protection: NeoNova will protect Affiliate websites in real time from brute force and DDoS attacks, cross-scripting, intrusion detection and prevention. Monthly Network Scans: NeoNova will perform monthly scans on Affiliate’s web servers, routers, switches and firewalls to reduce areas of vulnerability on their core network. Security Staff Training: NeoNova can help educate and reduce internal risks by keeping Affiliate staff constantly aware of the latest techniques in phishing and vulnerabilities in the workplace.
  31. NovaSupport Ticketing System
    NovaSupport is a web-based issue ticket management and tracking system used to communicate, route and manage work requests and support issues among NeoNova personnel and Affiliates. The system employs security and permissions clearance levels to manage ticket access, Assignment and Escalation capability, access to User/Team Administration, Domain Management, the Knowledge Base and the Reporting Engine.  The system also employs emails notifications to the ticket originator, assigned prime, and work team captain in some cases when tickets are updated, escalated, or remain idle for too long. Recipients can respond to these emails and the contents of the response will be captured in the ticket details.
  32. NovaSubscriber Subscriber Admin System
    NovaSubscriber allows affiliates to manage their services, systems, and subscriber settings. It includes a web-based user interface as well as a fully documented web-services API. Various roles and permissions can be granted to CSRs, technicians, administrators, support personal, or other users that may need access.  Affiliate or domain-wide settings, service specific settings, and user specific settings are made available depending on the role of the user and the services provided. NovaSubscriber can be configured to include an end-user facing portal (the App Portal), as well as a provisioning engine that pushes changes to the appropriate back-end systems.  Various reports and data export capabilities are available from within the user interface as well as via the API. 
  33. Password Genie
    Password Genie is a resellable password manager, data protection and password security software solution. Available for desktop, Android, and iOS. Includes 24x7x365 product support.
  34. Persona Defender
    Persona Defender is a resellable solution that monitors subscribers’ identity and personal information to ensure they are safe from thieves and cyber criminals. Persona Defender will alert subscribers if activity involving their personal information is discovered. For compromised identities, Persona Defender’s specialists use limited power of attorney (LPOA) to restore identities to their pre-breach status, saving potentially hundreds of hours. Includes financial & personal monitoring, lost wallet assistance, dark web monitoring, identity restoration, and identity theft insurance up to $25,000 to cover out-of-pocket expenses and lost wages.
  35. Personal Web Space
    Web storage consists of non-cPanel personal Web space storage, combined with primary and virtual domain Web space storage.  
  36. Phishing Assessment
    Campaign to determine Affiliate employees’ ability to recognize and avoid being victimized by phishing email attacks. Report includes a description of the phishing email(s) used, the number of employees responding to phishing emails, and the extent of cooperation provided by employees.
  37. Premium Tech Support: Residential (TotalTech Premium)
    Premium remote technical support available for consumers as a one-time service or via subscription for either a single device or the whole-home. Technical support solution to help cover typical ISP out-of-scope services like virus removal, computer tune-ups, software installs, device setup and more.
  38. Premium Tech Support: Business (TotalTech Professional)
    Premium remote technical support available for businesses as a one-time service or via subscription. Technical support solution to help cover services not typically covered by standard ISP help desk support like virus removals, Windows-based server support, computer tune-ups, software installs and more.
  39. SecureIT Plus (Residential)
    SecureIT Plus is a resellable anti-malware software and internet security solution that protects subscriber computers and mobile devices from the latest online threats. Features may include anti-virus, anti-spyware, anti-phishing, personal firewall, parental controls, bloatware removal, ransomware removal, and anti-theft (functionality varies by device type). Available for desktop, Android, and iOS. Includes unlimited virus removals and 24x7x365 product support.
  40. SecureIT Pro (Business)
    SecureIT Pro is a resellable solution that provides business customers with industry-leading threat protection, plus the convenience of automatic definition updates. SecureIT Pro works silently in the background, protecting computers and servers from all manner of threats. From the SecureIT Pro management console, business customers have the ability to manage their business accounts and business administrators have the power to create, delete and administer their office users. NeoNova’s skilled remote technicians will help with setup to ensure the security solution is easy to maintain. 
  41. SilverSky Cybersecurity Service Descriptions
  42. Speed Test
    Affiliate will be provided with a web-based speed test. The Basic Version is a brandable upload and download test. The Premium Version also includes a detailed graphic display, no third-party advertising, reporting tool access, and multiple tests including: upload, download, ping, latency & jitter.
  43. Strategic Controls Assessment
    An Elite Ethical Hacker and the Affiliate network administrator(s) cooperatively examine architectural features that support the security of the IT enterprise. The SCA systematically steps through each phase of the attack lifecycle. During the assessment, the Dynetics Elite Ethical Hacker points out weak configurations and explains how a cybercriminal could exploit the weaknesses to access Key Information Assets, escalate privileges, pivot among systems and remain undetected. In addition, the Elite Ethical Hacker provides recommendations for mitigating weaknesses and then works with the network administrator to test cybersecurity controls to ensure they are providing effective protection and detection capabilities. Final report and out-brief are provided to identify weak configurations and recommendations for mitigating those weaknesses.
  44. Support Basic
    Access to NeoNova personnel to the extent needed to implement and maintain NeoNova-provided services.
  45. Support Premium
    Hands-on, personal connection to a dedicated Customer Advocate plus direct access to Help Desk leadership (support solutions customers only), network & operations engineers (networking solutions customers only), and complimentary registration to our recurring Affiliate Summit. 
  46. Tactical Controls Assessment
    Online assessment, onsite cybersecurity analyst interviews of key Affiliate personnel, and Credentialed Vulnerability Scan. Assessment is designed to verify the presence of cybersecurity controls that address Dynetics’ Cybersecurity Objectives (CsOs), Validate proper implementation of cybersecurity controls, Establish a baseline Cybersecurity Level (CsL) by calculating the effectiveness of implemented cybersecurity controls, Scan information technology (IT) infrastructure for technical vulnerabilities (see Credentialed Vulnerability Scan), Generate a Plan of Actions and Milestones (POAM), and Map results to the NIST Cybersecurity Framework.
  47. Tech Home (Residential Bundle)
    Tech Home is a residential security software suite and premium support solution, catered to the varied needs of Affiliate residential customers. Tiered packages can include internet security software, a cloud backup service, password management software, a Wi-Fi analysis application, an identity protection service, and premium device-specific or whole-home tech support.
  48. Tech Office (Business Bundle)
    Tech Office is a business security software suite and productivity solution, catered to the varied needs of Affiliate business customers. Tiered packages can include business security software, a cloud backup service, password management software, and premium tech support for computers, servers and smartphones.
  49. TechShield (Residential Bundle)
    TechShield provides consumers with complete protection for their technology, online accounts, files, photos, and devices. Our base package includes protection and security for five computers and five mobile devices as well as a password manager and cloud backup.
  50. TechShield Plus (Residential Bundle + Persona Defender)
    TechShield Plus includes everything in our base package plus additional personal identity protection as defined in the Persona Defender section.
  51. TechShield Support (Residential Bundle + Premium Tech Support)
    TechShield Support includes everything in our base package plus additional cloud backup and 24/7/365 remote premium technical support. Services include virus and spyware removal, software installs, computer software and system repair and much more.
  52. TechShield Professional (Business Bundle)
    TechShield Professional is a security software suite and productivity solution developed to meet the needs of your business customers. This plan includes advanced endpoint security, password management and cloud backup. Endpoint security is available for computers, servers and mobile devices. Install assistance is provided to ensure optimal setup and a management console is included ease for ongoing use. Help businesses in your community protect themselves from the growing number of cyberattacks.
  53. TechShield Professional Support (Business Bundle + Premium Tech Support) 
    TechShield Professional Support includes everything in the Professional package plus it includes 24/7/365 remote premium technical support. Install assistance is provided to ensure optimal setup and ease for ongoing use. Help businesses in your community protect themselves from the growing number of cyberattacks. 
  54. TotalTech Premium Support
    TotalTech Premium provides your residential customers with a quick fix for common issues so that they can enjoy their technology hassle-free. Our TotalTech support team will diagnose and remotely connect to your customers’ devices to resolve virtually any technology issue.
  55. TotalTech Professional Support
    Available as a one-time service or a monthly subscription, TotalTech Professional provides your customers with a quick fix for common issues so they can focus on the job at hand. Our TotalTech support team will diagnose and remotely connect to your customer’s devices to resolve the vast majority of business technology issues.
  56. ViewLocalTM
    ViewLocalTM is a platform that enables Affiliates to offer local over-the-air commercial network content (NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox, etc…) as well as hyper local content (High School Sports, Community Access, etc…) to consumers through internet-ready devices such as computers, smartphones, tablets and Roku devices. ViewLocalTM can limit content availability to specific areas/DMAs to comply with retransmission agreements, and is controlled via NovaSubscriber.
  57. Website Development, Hosting, and Maintenance (formerly MyCommunity)
    Variety of website-related services, including:
    • Website Design
      Creation or relaunch of website, including optimization of existing content. Predefined design templates will be used to create 5-page website, incorporating existing content, links, newsletters, etc. Administrative access will be provided along with training on the website management platform. Additional pages and related services, such as content writing or graphic design, can be added during planning but will be billed separately.
    • Website Hosting and Maintenance
      Maintenance includes text, image, color and graphic adjustments/updates (does not include new creation). Hosting includes staging, development and production environments hosted and backed up daily in a secure environment (https). Includes all WordPress and Plug-in updates as needed.
    • Hosted Broadband CalculatorHosted “How Much Bandwidth Do You Need?” embeddable broadband calculator with monthly analytic reporting.

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