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NRTC offers Rural Connect as a place for its members and others interested to follow all topics related to communications technology and how it affects rural electric cooperatives and telecommunications providers. NRTC uses this blog to announce and discuss its products and services. NRTC posts all Rural Connect content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can use the blog to discuss technology, regulatory, legislative and business issues.

Nov 13, 2019
by Randy Sukow
Brad Seibert, NRTC’s VP, Next-Generation Energy (pictured), said electric cooperatives are getting increasingly interested in electric vehicle (EV) solutions during a panel session at REVOLUTION Connected NYC in New York. REVOLUTION Connected is a series of conferences that examine the state o...
Nov 8, 2019
by Randy Sukow
In the 27 years since the Cable Act of 1992 gave TV broadcasters the right to negotiate “retransmission consent” for cable, satellite and other multichannel providers to air their local signals, the FCC historically has given the stations and stations groups wide leeway to conduct those ...
Nov 1, 2019
by Randy Sukow
Only 35 companies, the FCC announced yesterday, have qualified to participate in the upcoming Upper Microwave Flexible Use Service auction (Auction 103). That auction, which opens on Dec. 10, will distribute high-frequency spectrum licenses in the 37 GHz, 39 GHz, and 47 GHz bands. Large national car...
Oct 29, 2019
by Randy Sukow
Rural-based organizations are arguing against large geographic bidding areas for the 3.5 GHz Citizens Band Radio Service (CBRS) auction set to begin on June 25, 2020. A year ago, those organizations won an agreement with the FCC to auction CBRS licenses by county. More recently, however, the Commiss...
Oct 25, 2019
by Randy Sukow
The current rules for carriers collecting Connect America Fund (CAF) support to build rural broadband require them to conduct quarterly speed and latency tests of their services to confirm they are delivering true broadband to their subscribers. Today the FCC unanimously adopted an Order on Reconsid...
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