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NRTC offers Rural Connect as a place for its members and others interested to follow all topics related to communications technology and how it affects rural electric cooperatives and telecommunications providers. NRTC uses this blog to announce and discuss its products and services. NRTC posts all Rural Connect content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can use the blog to discuss technology, regulatory, legislative and business issues.

Jan 20, 2021
by Randy Sukow
More than 150 U.S. senators and representatives of both parties called for the FCC to “thoroughly vet” the winners of the recently concluded Rural Digital Opportunity Fund (RDOF) reverse auction. Some auction participants have questioned the qualifications of certain bidders in the aftermath of ...
Jan 19, 2021
by JB Peterson
2020 was one of the most challenging years on record for the NRTC Managed Services’ Help Desk. Call volumes were erratic. Our team experienced some of the biggest call-volume jumps they’d ever seen.   Rich King, Managed Service’s VP of Call Operations described the types of spikes that w...
Jan 18, 2021
by Randy Sukow
Much of the Q&A portion of CFC’s Extra Credit Education Series webinar last week centered around the cost of building rural broadband facilities. The webinar featured speakers from NRTC who reviewed the highlights if its recently published “Rural Electric Cooperative Broadband Benchmarking R...
Jan 7, 2021
by Randy Sukow
In a Public Notice issued earlier this week, the FCC asked for input on how to manage the Emergency Broadband Benefit Program, a new initiative to assist low-income households to pay for home internet service. Congress passed the $3.2 billion program as part of the recent COVID-19 relief and omnibus...
Jan 6, 2021
by JB Peterson
Every 14 seconds, a business is the victim of a ransomware attack, often with devastating consequences. Many of these cybercriminals bypass perimeter defenses with increasingly sophisticated social engineering attacks. How can you and your business combat these threats? NRTC sponsored a webinar in ...
Dec 31, 2020
by Randy Sukow
In a message to its members, NRTC recently announced that its 2021 Annual Meeting will be a virtual gathering and will begin a 11 a.m. Eastern Time on Thursday, Feb. 25. Due to COVID-19 restrictions, the meeting will be in one session with both electric and telco members signing on to view remotely....
Dec 30, 2020
by Randy Sukow
When they have had access to high-speed internet, U.S. farmers have been able to increase their crop yields, especially for corn and soybean production, over the last decade. Corn yields increased 3.6 percent for every 1 percent increase in farm internet access per 1,000 households. Connectivity als...
Dec 28, 2020
by Randy Sukow
It’s been an odd year with COVID-19 influencing rural communications providers’ actions and nearly every business decision. Even with a vaccine on the way, it appears that the virus will affect our lives well into 2021. So NRTC member Nex-Tech in Hays, KS, recently hosted a webinar sharing many ...
Dec 23, 2020
by Randy Sukow
The $900 billon COVID-19 relief and omnibus spending measure Congress passed yesterday after months of negotiations includes billions of dollars in funding to promote greater broadband connectivity throughout the nation. Perhaps the most important provision for rural telephone and electric internet ...
Dec 21, 2020
by Randy Sukow
With the holidays over, one way to get back in the work routine might be by planning future broadband construction projects. Members of the National Rural Utilities Cooperative Finance Corporation (CFC) are invited to join “NRTC Broadband Benchmarking,” part of CFC’s Financial Webinar Series, ...
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