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NRTC offers Rural Connect as a place for its members and others interested to follow all topics related to communications technology and how it affects rural electric cooperatives and telecommunications providers. NRTC uses this blog to announce and discuss its products and services. NRTC posts all Rural Connect content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can use the blog to discuss technology, regulatory, legislative and business issues.

Jul 21, 2017
by Randy Sukow
A list of several “emerging technologies” are propelling an expected 3.2 percent growth in sales of consumer electronics devices, according to the twice-yearly sales and forecast report by the Consumer Technology Association (CTA). All six of the emerging devices the report lists are &ld...
Jul 20, 2017
by Randy Sukow
Pole sharing is a timely topic among rural electric utilities today. It is especially important as communities seek the necessary space to locate wireless and wireline broadband infrastructure. The FCC’s Broadband Deployment Advisory Committee (BDAC) has been meeting today in Washington, DC, t...
Jul 19, 2017
by Randy Sukow
NRTC continues to support the concept of rural electric and telephone companies working together to advance technology in their communities, especially broadband technology. That’s why NRTC happily agreed to join Partners in Broadband, a new initiative to match utilities, municipalities and ru...
Jul 18, 2017
by Randy Sukow
FCC Chairman Ajit Pai in a series of letters to members of the House and Senate agrees that the 2016 Rate of Return (RoR) Order that created a universal service mechanism for stand-alone broadband service for rural telephone companies has done little to help small carriers enhance their broadband se...
Jul 14, 2017
by Randy Sukow
If it seems like there is a lot of orchestrated attention on rural broadband issues these days, it’s because there is. Government officials and key industry players sense that it is a winning issue. If the eventual result is truly improved access to broadband in unserved area, it could be wort...
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