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2017 NRTC Annual Report Theme Is “Connecting Communities”

Randy Sukow Jul 30, 2018

NRTC last week mailed each member its 2017 Annual Report. The report picks up on a theme NRTC CEO Tim Bryan introduced at the 2018 NRTC Annual Meeting, when he said that rural communities can look forward to a “connected future.” Broadband internet and automated technologies, such as smart grid, are connecting communities and changing education, medicine, public safety, agriculture and several other aspects of rural life.

“The imperative now is to connect communities with technology, and with each other. Rural electric and telephone cooperatives and independent telephone companies are the natural leaders of this movement. You will connect your communities ... and NRTC strives to be connected with you,” Bryan says in the annual report introduction.

The body of the report reviews how NRTC and its members are partners connecting communities. NRTC, for example, is working with Pickwick Electric in Tennessee to connect homes over 900 square miles with broadband internet. Powder River Energy in Wyoming contacted NRTC to help build AMI and distribution automation systems using Itron technology. NRTC’s Telispire is providing Smithville Telecom the connectivity, back-office systems and access to affordable phones to provide mobile voice and data service throughout the state of Indiana.

The report also reviews NRTC’s TechConnect Conference in Jekyll Island, GA, which was one of NRTC’s highlights of 2017. Members and staffers met to discuss the full range of NRTC technologies connecting communities every day. “Member reaction to TechConnect was so positive NRTC is making plans for another meeting in Austin, TX, in the Spring of 2019,” according the report.

NRTC has posted an abbreviated version of the report on its website. Members will find the full report, including 2017 financial results, in the website’s member section under “Report Center.”

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