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A Quick Review of NRTC’s Many Activities

Randy Sukow / Jul 30, 2019

The Virginia, Maryland & Delaware Association of Electric Cooperatives met this week for their 75th annual meeting in Williamsburg, VA. Owing to a packed agenda, the association asked many presenters, including NRTC CEO Tim Bryan, to submit brief videos in lieu of giving a presentation in person. Attendees were shown the following video during the general session.

The video also gave Bryan a chance to give a quick and easy three-minute summary of some of the more exciting technologies NRTC is providing:

  • Broadband – “Did you know that NRTC serves more than 600 members with our broadband solutions? … Our members provide broadband to more than two and a half million rural consumers,” Bryan said. NRTC uses all available technologies to develop the best possible broadband plan for the individual member. “We always, and I say always put member interests first in our recommendations.”
  • Smart Grid Solutions – “Gone are the days of just selling or reading meters. NRTC’s focus is helping electric cooperatives build communications networks that support a variety of advanced applications,” he said. NRTC can help ensure that co-ops have all the communications capacity to give rural homes and businesses access to emerging applications, such as data analytics, connected homes, electric vehicles and the internet of things.
  • Solar –  Two years ago, NRTC and ENGIE, its solar partner (formerly SoCore Energy), embarked on an ambitious collaboration with Dairyland Power Cooperative to build community solar sites throughout Dairyland’s territory. That collaboration has so-far resulted in 17 installations at area distribution cooperatives. “ENGIE and NRTC has since done several other solar installations and at the same time, ENGIE has deployed one of the largest battery installations in the nation in Colorado,” Bryan said.

Rural electric and telephone providers are in a prime position to be the technology leaders in their communities. NRTC wants to be their partner in providing broadband, smart grid and alternative energy solutions. NRTC members who would like to learn how to take the next step can reach us through the Contact page on our website.

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