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Driving in Style to Build Rural Broadband

Randy Sukow Jun 28, 2019

It’s summertime and the weather’s perfect to roll out fiber optic networks and build wireless towers. And now, wherever rural electric and telephone companies are building broadband facilities, you’re likely to see one of these sturdy RAM trucks on the scene. NRTC recently took delivery on the first shipment of three NRTC Broadband Solutions-branded trucks. Our construction managers will pilot these vehicles as they work with members to bring fast internet to rural communities. A total of 60 trucks by the end of the summer are on the way as NRTC and members nationwide embark on additional broadband projects.

Remember, NRTC Broadband Solutions is a well-designed resource to cover all its members’ broadband needs from the initial analysis and feasibility study, through fiber, fixed wireless and satellite network deployment and day-to-day operation. All rural areas are different, with different technology needs and different economic and topographical challenges. We have the full range of technology options to develop an affordable solution.

To learn more, NRTC members can contact their regional business managers or leave a note asking for more information about NRTC Broadband Solutions on our Contact page.

Update, July 1: I mistakenly reported last week that we had already received a shipment of 60 trucks. We will receive 60 by the end of the summer.  I have corrected the mistake above and regret the error. Randy S.

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