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IP Vision Gathers the Rural Community Behind Broadband

Randy Sukow / Feb 23, 2016

Entire rural communities benefit by establishing high-quality broadband services. Communities can band together to establish broadband services without waiting for national carriers to find them. One of the unifying phrases in the planning of the IP Vision Conference and Expo has been “collaborate and negotiate.” IP Vision is a co-production of NTRC and NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association. Come to Tropicana Las Vegas Hotel on April 6-8 to learn more.

NRTC has been especially involved in developing conference sessions looking electric cooperative’s entry into broadband projects and how telcos and electrics can successfully collaborate. As a recent Associated Press news item noted, “Cooperatives that have been bringing electricity to rural America since the 1930s are getting into the broadband business, now that it's communication and information that power the economy.”

NRTC CEO Tim Bryan estimated in the AP article that about 10 percent of NRTC’s electric cooperative membership has entered broadband projects. IP Vision is a chance for more cooperatives to begin their broadband plans. Register today for IP Vision at

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