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Kit Carson Takes Two Large Steps Toward Long-term Solar Goals

Randy Sukow / Jan 6, 2020

Kit Carson Electric Cooperative (KCEC) said today that it has brought online the second of two new solar arrays. The opening of a 1.5-megawatt (MW) array in Questa, NM, closely follows another 1.5 MW array launch at the campus of Northern New Mexico Collage in El Rito. The deployments are part of a series of constructions in partnership with Guzman Energy, a wholesale power provider. KCEC says the solar projects ultimately will reduce its wholesale power costs by 40 percent.

"We are proud of our quick progress in bringing cleaner, more affordable power that provides significant benefit to our community," said KCEC CEO and former NRTC Board Chairman Luis Reyes in a press release. "These two solar arrays, along with another currently under construction with Guzman Energy in Taos, have supported local jobs and investment and are having tangible economic benefits to our community."

KCEC has set the long-term goal of drawing 100 percent of its daytime power from the sun by 2022.  The cooperative plans to have a total of 38 MW in solar arrays by that date. With the activation of the latest two arrays, it now has 16 in operation for a total of 16.8 MW with plans to complete four more arrays. KCEC is also deploying battery facilities to accompany solar arrays with the goal of 15 MW in storage capacity by 2022.

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