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Large Majority of Young Consumers Use a “Second Screen”

Randy Sukow Feb 3, 2016

Television is still a dominant medium for video viewing. Computers and smartphones are not replacing TVs. Instead, Americans, especially those between 18 and 34, are saying they need both screens, according to a report by the Consumer Technology Association.

Nearly half of all Americans that use the Internet watch some video content on a second screen. But in the young adult category the share rises to 88 percent. At the same time, consumers overall continue to watch TV sets for several different reasons, including larger screen sizes (80 percent), better picture quality (62 percent), and for cost reasons (29 percent). Only 11 percent in the CTA survey cut the cord to their subscription TV services over the past year.

CTA forecasts that revenues from sales of all forms of video display will reach $19 billion in 2016. This year will mark the sharp increase in 4K UltraHD displays with the sale of 13 million units and revenues of $10 billion.

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