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More Than Half of U.S. Homes Have No Landline Phone Service

Randy Sukow Jun 8, 2018

In case anyone doubted before, it is now safe to say that mobile phones are the most common form of voice telephone communications. As of year-end 2017, 53.9 percent of U.S. homes subscribed to wireless telephone services only. At the same time, 53.3 percent of adults (Americans over 18) subscribed to wireless services only without any landline service.

“This report presents the most up-to-date estimates available from the federal government concerning the size and characteristics of this population,” according to “Wireless Substitution: Early Release of Estimates From the National Health Interview Survey.” The National Center for Health Statistics, a division of the Center for Disease Control, maintains an ongoing survey of telecommunications services in U.S. homes to assess communications capabilities for emergencies and routine medical care. The survey has tracked landline-versus-wireless phone usage since 2003.

The results in the latest report are from data collected over the last six months of 2017. It finds that in addition to the overall majority of adults using wireless, a dominant percentage of younger households are wireless-only. “More than 70 percent of adults aged 25-34 and adults renting their homes were living in wireless-only households,” the survey found. In addition, 61.8 percent of children use wireless phones only.

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