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NeoNova Adds Depth to Cybersecurity with Dynetics Suite

Randy Sukow Oct 10, 2018

NRTC’s NeoNova subsidiary today announced that it has deepened its members’ online protection potential by partnering with Dynetics of Huntsville, AL. Dynetics offers a wide-ranging suite of services that can enhance the ability of NRTC members to protect against, detect, and respond to cybersecurity threats.

“Dynetics is an innovative cybersecurity partner that is passionate about helping service providers improve their security posture and minimize risks to their environments,” said NeoNova CEO Jason McGinnis. “This partnership ensures every current and future NeoNova member has the opportunity to build a comprehensive risk management solution that will simply be unmatched in the telecommunications industry.”

“We believe an effective cybersecurity strategy starts from the inside out, focusing on early detection and constant monitoring,” Dynetics says on its website. “Our simple yet effective risk management approach eradicates threats — before damage is done.”

Through Dynetics, NRTC members will have access to:

  • NetAlert. A monitoring service that includes endpoint detection and response, packet capture and analysis, monitored security information and event management, and other features.
  • Strategic Controls Assessment. An onsite, ethical hacker attack that tests possible entry points and educates member ISP technicians on every step of the process.
  • Adversarial Simulations. Assesses member ISP ability to detect and respond to threats going beyond traditional penetration tests
  • Cyber Resilience Certification. A program giving member ISP technicians a baseline level of readiness and ongoing training.

These services complement NeoNova’s existing NovaSecure Cybersecurity Suite, designed to offer affordable assessment and protection for the rural provider.

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