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NRTC Completes an Office Facelift

Randy Sukow May 5, 2017

It’s always a pleasure to greet NRTC members visiting us here at our offices in Herndon, VA. We hold daily meetings with members and many others that do business with telecommunications and electric cooperative organizations. If you’ve visited us before, you’ll probably notice some significant changes when you come by again. We’ve just completed an extensive set of renovations this week.

In 2016 NRTC implemented a number of changes to emphasize that we are member-driven and technology focused, beginning with a new logo and a completely redesigned web page. A few months later, we changed the look in the neighborhood by installing our new logo atop our headquarters building in Herndon. A fresh look for indoors was the natural next step.

A committee of NRTC employees worked in the best cooperative tradition to organize the project … working closely with those here at NRTC who make sure that nothing gets too costly. The result is a rather handsome array of new carpeting that goes well with a relaxing paint scheme of dark red and bluish grey. Stately stone facades set off the lobby and reception areas, pictured here before and after the changes.

So, NRTC members, the next time you land at Dulles Airport and see the big logo on our building as you drive toward DC, feel free to stop and take in our new atmosphere. Let us know what is happening in your part of the country, and give us your take on smart grid, broadband, video services and other exciting technologies.

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