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OATI Helps Cooperatives Get the Most of Their AMI Data

Randy Sukow / May 7, 2014

Recently, NRTC released a short video to demonstrate how it works closely with its industry partner Sensus to provide its members with the most secure and cost-effective AMI system available for its members. But NRTC’s concern for its member’s AMI operations does not stop there.

Last year, NRTC entered into a distribution agreement with OATI, a company that provides the type of software support that cooperatives dealing with massive amounts of AMI data need.

“We were all wondering what we were going to do with all the data we were getting from AMI. When you go from one meter read a month to 24 intervals a day, you realize you have a lot to deal with. We were looking for any application that takes all of that data and helps us make sense of it,” said Don Bowman, Manager of Engineering, Wake Electric Membership Corp., describing the need to blend Sensus and OATI capabilities together. “It helps us do demand response and really just gives us better tools to work with in our utility.”

In this follow-up video, OATI executives explain why NRTC, Sensus and OATI create value as a team. “The thing I appreciate about NRTC is that they really understand the cooperative needs and they understand the value that OATI adds and they make those two go together for really good solutions for the cooperatives,” said Linda Stevens, OATI’s director of sales, Smart Grid.

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