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Sensus Reach 16: NRTC’s WISER a Cost-Effective OMS Alternative

Randy Sukow Nov 9, 2016

NRTC’s new product for designed to organize outage alerts through Sensus AMI became one of the featured topics yesterday at a Sensus Reach 16 session yesterday. Don Bowman, manager of engineering for Wake Electric Membership Corp. in North Carolina, led the discussion with a description of his cooperative’s outage management system (OMS) and recent events where Wake put the system to the test. But Bowman also had high praise for an alternative approach.

Doug Lambert, NRTC’s director of Technical Solutions, has developed a software tool called WISER --Web Services, Integration Solution with Enterprise Reporting. “What this basically does is run a report on every MultiSpeak alarm coming from Sensus, organize that in a way that it is easy for you to look at the numbers quickly,” Bowman said. “More importantly, I think, you immediately go to a Google Earth map.”

Bowman praised WISER, which also demonstrates the power of the Sensus system. “For those that don’t have an outage management system, with this organizing of alarms through Sensus and mapping them quickly, it’s like an outage management system,” he said.

Wake Electric’s OMS and outage procedures were put to the test recently by Hurricane Matthew. In total, 12,000 homes in the Wake Electric area experienced outages with 8,300 out at the peak. Of the 12, 500, about 2,200 were out for more than eight hours.

“All in all, 4.549 million customer minutes were out with Matthew and in a couple of days we were really back on,” Bowman said. 

In one case, and entire substation went down causing outages for 1,387 homes out. “Eighty-one meters called in to open that ticket before a single member called … We continued to get about 500 member calls after that, but the first 81 calls came from our AMI meters,” he said.

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