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Smart Thermostats and Solar Power Increase Home Values

Randy Sukow / Oct 3, 2017

Connected home technologies are features that home owners can install themselves to increase their property values, according to a recent article in  Electronic Products magazine. Two of four technologies highlighted in the article included smart thermostats and solar power access. NRTC can help cooperatives provide those technologies through Nest Labs demand management technologies and community solar projects.

“It took some getting used to, but after a brief acclimation period, my smart thermostat saved money just from the convenience of adjusting the temperature and programming the system with a convenient app.,” said the article author, who gives quirky descriptions of the experience of installing each of the connected home technologies. “Also, my wife likes to have the windows open as much as possible, and being able to quickly adjust the thermostat for comfort and convenience has saved some peace of mind.”

Rather than a community solar approach, the author describes installing his own panels along with battery backup. “As it turns out, it’s likely that these [battery] systems not only pay for themselves, they are becoming attractive features for future home buyers,” he said.

For many rural electric customers, community solar generation without the need to install panels on the home, is preferable. Cooperatives also are considering installing storage systems as well. NRTC is working to offer a storage option this year.

The article also covers connected home technologies including smart lighting, home security, smart sprinklers and smart locks.

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