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NRTC offers Rural Connect as a place for its members and others interested to follow all topics related to communications technology and how it affects rural electric cooperatives and telecommunications providers. NRTC uses this blog to announce and discuss its products and services. NRTC posts all Rural Connect content on Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, where you can use the blog to discuss technology, regulatory, legislative and business issues.

May 25, 2017
by Randy Sukow
Several factors contribute to the cost and technical difficulty of building broadband infrastructure to rural America. One of the problems affecting the most remote areas, ironically, is the lack of available land. The federal government controls huge tracts of land, especially in the western states...
May 23, 2017
by Randy Sukow
You might remember that NRTC had some fun with virtual reality (VR) earlier this year. NRTC CEO Tim Bryan led a cool VR demonstration at the annual meeting in San Diego, and NRTC members got a chance to experience the immersive technology on their own at the NRTC TechAdvantage booth. NRTC has not y...
May 19, 2017
by Randy Sukow
AT&T in a blog post yesterday said that it had completed deploying LTE-M technology throughout the United States. LTE-M is a software upgrade to its 4G LTE mobile broadband network that enables several Internet of Things (IoT) applications. It described the deployment as a transition step toward...
May 18, 2017
by Randy Sukow
It all rolled out as everyone knew it would. The text of the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking (NPRM) seeking to “Restore Internet Freedom” has been out for a month and people have had time to debate the details. As expected, Commissioner Mignon Clyburn opposed the measure, which passed 2-1....
May 17, 2017
by Randy Sukow
Tomorrow (May 18), the FCC plans to begin unraveling the current net neutrality regulations with a proposed rulemaking to reverse the its 2015 Open Internet order. But until that months-long process is complete, the current net neutrality rules are in force and, in some cases, broadband providers ar...
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