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Feasibility Study

As the saying goes, “you get what your pay for” and while others may offer “bargain” studies, is a low cost “cookie cutter approach” in the best interest of your consumer-members and customers as they make one of the biggest decisions in your cooperative’s history?   

NRTC member-focused feasibility studies are: 

  • Highly Customized: Customized to your specific situation. No “cookie cutter” estimates, it’s a real study. 
  • Explore All Options: You deserve to explore all potential technology and service delivery options for your specific situation. 
  • Delivery Dependable Estimates: We take the time to understand your unique circumstances. This may be the single largest investment your cooperative has ever considered. 
  • Recognized in the Industry: Our studies are recognized by all key cooperative lenders and government entities. You can take our studies to the next level and know they are trusted. 
  • Detailed and Specific: An NRTC feasibility study enables you to communicate specific and detailed information customized for your community enabling you to make the best possible decisions. 

feasibility deliverables

Upon completion of your study, we will deliver a comprehensive report, network maps and model. Our modeling tool empowers you to weigh multiple options after the study is done. Unlike the competition, NRTC’s feasibility study gives you specific, actionable answers to your unique needs. 


Southern Indiana Fiber Partnership Featured in RE Magazine

SEI Fiber, a partnership of Southeastern Indiana Rural Electric Membership Corp. and neighboring rural telco, SEI Communications, is nearing the end of a 1,800-mile high-speed network construction project. NRTC managed the project that has begun providing 1 Gbps service to the region with technology expandable to 10 Gbps in the future.


The Latest Broadband News

NRTC Member Awarded $47 Million in Missouri ARPA Announcement

The state of Missouri has awarded NRTC member White River Valley Electric Cooperative (WRVEC) $47 million in grants to complete seven broadband construction projects in five counties. The funding is through Missouri’s share of federal American Rescue Plan Act (ARPA) support. NRTC assisted WRVEC with application preparation. The projects will connect 15,600 households and 2,150 businesses to fast fiber networks. In total, the state awarded $261 million. Several other NRTC members also won support.

Broadband Map Challenge Deadline Passes Without Extension

The Jan. 13 deadline for challenges to the FCC’s National Broadband Map has passed. Despite calls by states and other stakeholders, the Commission and NTIA decided against a deadline extension. NTIA will now use the broadband availability and location data the FCC has gathered to remain on schedule and allocate broadband support funds through the BEAD program to the states. The agency’s goal is to complete the distribution by June 30.

Outreach Is the First Step for Those Facing Broadband ROW/Easement Issues

The volume of rural broadband projects likely to start up in the coming year due to BEAD funding could create logjams among state, local and federal officials reviewing rights of way and easement agreements for fiber network construction. NRTC’s Teresa Ferguson participated in an industry-organized pre-BEAD webinar to discuss the relevant legal and logistical issues and steps rural providers can take now to ease future regulatory problems. The panel’s best advice is to begin contacting permitting agencies and to discuss best practices to smooth the process.

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