Twin Valley in Kansas Begins Mobile Benefits Through NRTC/NTCA MVNO Offer

Randy Sukow


Rural ISP Twin Valley has begun offering mobile phone and data services in Kansas working with NRTC Mobile solutions’ mobile virtual network operator (MVNO) solution. Twin Valley was the first member of NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association to take advantage of NRTC’s recent exclusive MVNO offer.

In a press release, Ben Foster, Twin Valley’s president and CEO, said that the company’s goal is to deliver reliable and affordable communications services to its customers. “Launching mobile service is another step forward in delivering on that promise with a competitive mobile offer backed with the hometown customer service and support they expect,” he said.

Twin Valley offers two tiers of mobile service, with pricing beginning as low as $15 a month. Mobile customers also get discounts on internet service amounting to as much as $120 a year. To that service, the NRTC/NCTA offer adds other valuable features, including credit activation, mobile device financing, support for marketing campaigns and back-office processing assistance. NTCA members taking advantage of the offer will not pay the normal upfront fees for joining the MVNO business.

NRTC Mobile Solutions for the past year has focused on ways to assist members offering to bundle mobile solutions. Cable TV companies offering broadband in urban/suburban areas have had significant success with mobile/internet bundles. The NRTC solution allows members to create similar bundles with a low cost of entry into the mobile business, 100 percent white label marketing, access to the latest mobile devices and many other benefits.

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