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Webinar Recording – Let’s Talk BEAD: A Conversation with State Broadband Directors

February 8, 2024

State Broadband Offices are poised to unleash a windfall of BEAD funding in 2024. Are you prepared to engage when your state announces their BEAD state map challenge process and grant application cycle? In this webinar, experts from NRTC, BJ Tanksley from Missouri’s state broadband office and Bree Maki from Minnesota’s state broadband office covered:

• How to participate in the state BEAD map challenge process
• What policy objectives will be prioritized in a successful BEAD application
• When to anticipate each step in the BEAD timeline, from challenge process to final award

For many states, the BEAD process has already begun. Watch this webinar to learn how to engage with your state broadband office to secure broadband funding for the communities you serve.

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