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Webinar Recording – The Evolution of BEAD: The Journey from NOFO to State Implementation

May 21, 2024

Watch the recording of: The Evolution of BEAD: The Journey from NOFO to State Implementation. This webinar included a panel of federal and state policy experts, providing insights on the refinement of the requirements of the NTIA May 2022 BEAD NOFO.

Watch to learn about efforts to streamline and encourage ISP participation in the single largest broadband funding program our nation has ever undertaken. Learn why rural telco and electric cooperatives may be uniquely positioned to participate in this historic program. In this webinar we will provide guidance, allowing prospective applicants to distinguish between rumor and fact.

Teresa Ferguson, Sr. Director, Broadband and Infrastructure Funding – NRTC

Brian O’Hara, Sr. Director, Regulatory Issues – Telecom & Broadband – NRECA
Mike Romano, Executive Vice President – NTCA

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