CrowdFiber Broadband Labeling App Offers Solution for ISPs of All Sizes

Randy Sukow


CrowdFiber Broadband Labeling App Offers Solution for ISPs of All Sizes

The first deadline for broadband providers to display consumer labels of price, data allowance, speed and other data is coming soon. Large ISPs serving 100,000 or more subscribers have until April 10 to begin showing the labels online and at point-of-sale locations. NRTC’s CrowdFiber introduced its Broadband Consumer Labels in late 2023 and it is ready to meet the needs of ISPs looking for a solution before the deadline.

But just as important, the CrowdFiber app is also the fast and cost-effective solution for smaller broadband businesses, which must begin displaying label data by Oct. 10.

NRTC will present a demonstration of the app during NTCA – The Rural Broadband Association’s upcoming RTIME 2024 conference in Tampa, FL. NRTC members will have a chance to see how the system generates and archives labels at NRTC’s booth, (#301) at the Tampa Convention Center, Feb. 12-13. It is tentatively planning a similar demonstration at NRECA’s TechAdvantage Expo in San Antonio, March 4-6.

“The numbers of labels large ISPs will need as they approach the April deadline are high — hundreds or thousands of labels with frequent changes,” said CrowdFiber co-founder Bailey White, NRTC’s VP, Product Development. “I think our app is the right solution for them and recent conversations with some large ISPs seem to confirm it.  We are creating a solution that providers can use via bulk imports and API’s and are happy to work with any software companies in the industry that would like to partner.”  

As CrowdFiber introduced the app, it emphasized how Broadband Consumer Labels not only offers a quick and easy way to generate labels online, but also offers a simple edit function to amend data as it changes. It also archives past labels for ISPs’ records. The data transparency rules the FCC adopted in late 2022 require ISPs to maintain label information for individual broadband services for up to two years.

ISPs with fewer than 100,000 subscribers will face the same requirements six months after the large providers’ April deadline. Broadband Consumer Labels offers the same efficient tools for them. At the same time, the app’s cost fits in the budget for all broadband providers with rates of $5 a month for active labels and $3 a month for each archived label.

For more information, see the Broadband Consumer Labels FAQ or write to, and be sure to stop by the NRTC booth at RTIME to see the app in action.

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