Pivot Joins Forces With CrowdFiber for Full Broadband Labeling Suite

Randy Sukow


CrowdFiber’s Lucas Singleton (right in blue shirt) was providing demonstrations of the Broadband Consumer Labels service at NRTC’s RTIME booth in Tampa. Also pictured, Mike Oblizalo, general manager of Hood Canal Communications in Washington and Chick Kennedy, regional sales manager, NRTC Managed Services.

As broadband providers gathered in Tampa this week for NTCA-The Rural Broadband Association’s 2024 RTIME, two NRTC companies announced that they are joining forces on a complete suite of broadband labeling services. Late last year, CrowdFiber announced the Broadband Consumer Labels service, which generates and archives broadband data labels. Now NRTC’s Pivot is stepping forward to offer point-of-sale label compliance consulting as well as training to help NRTC members prepare for new FCC transparency requirements.

“We understand the challenges that broadband providers face in meeting regulatory requirements while maintaining operational efficiency,” said Monica Santi, Pivot’s VP, Marketing. Pivot working with CrowdFiber creates a complete suite of solutions to simplify regulatory compliance, she said.

The FCC adopted new rules in late 2022 requiring all ISPs to display labels revealing broadband prices, speeds, monthly data allowances and other information at point-of-sale locations and online. It gave ISPs with more than 100,000 subscribers until April 10, 2024, to begin displaying labels and ISPs with fewer than 100,000 subscribers until Oct. 10. The rules also require ISPs making changes to their data to archive their labels for up to two years.

CrowdFiber provided live demonstrations of the Broadband Consumer Labels system at NRTC’s RTiME booth this week, showing how the system efficiently generates labels for any size of ISP and stores them for future reference. Pivot will provide added features:

  • Assistance in assuring that ISPs display printed labels correctly according to FCC regulations;
  • Generation of QR codes linked to broadband labels;
  • Broadband labeling training modules and customer talking points for ISP employees, and
  • Available on-demand virtual training.

Members attending NRECA’s upcoming TechAdvantage Expo in San Antonio, May 4-6, will have an opportunity to see the Broadband Consumer Labels demonstration and learn more about the complete Pivot/CrowdFiber offering at NRTC booth #1449.

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