Signing Up for Broadband? Would You Like a Free Streaming Device with That?

Nicholas Carney


Family watching a Roku television in a holiday setting

With holiday shopping season upon us, many NRTC members are offering discounted—or even free—Roku streaming devices to encourage their customers to sign up for broadband.

On a recent webcast with NRTC video members, Renée Harrison, VP of Video Solutions, described how many of our members are using Roku device promotions. “We had a member who did a great campaign where they did [a promotion] to encourage subscribers to go to a higher level of bandwidth for their broadband service,” Harrison said. “And they did a Roku [giveaway] where if they upgrade from Package A to Package B, they would give the subscriber a free Roku device. Very successful campaign on their part.”

Susan Hamilton, VP, Grafton Technologies in Jerseyville, IL, said, “NRTC has provided a great resource for purchase of Roku devices for resell. Having them available at the counter for purchase to our Internet customers has been well received and welcomed by customers for easy access to the over-the-top [streaming video] options.”

Roku devices are available to all NRTC members at discounted wholesale prices. Members can place orders at our easy-to-use NRTC Marketplace online store, and our vendor will ship orders directly to the location of their choosing.

“It really goes beyond just selling the devices. Offering Rokus can be something members use as part of various promos they can use within their retail shops,” Harrison added. “The process for signing up to offer Roku is very simple. All you need to do is to contact us, and we’ll get you set up. Members can begin providing the devices within a few hours.”

Members have access to the entire range of Roku devices, including:

  • Express 4K+
  • Streaming Stick 4K
  • Streaming Stick 4K+
  • Ultra
  • Streambar
  • Streambar Pro
  • Subwoofer
  • Speakers

NRTC also offers other options for members interested in providing video and television solutions for their subscribers—everything from traditional linear services, to satellite and video consulting.

If you are interested in learning more about Roku and NRTC’s video solutions, we encourage you to contact us for more information.

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