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Project and Construction Management

You’re doing more than building a new broadband network, you’re beginning a new and complex business venture. Our project and construction management teams are committed to ensuring your business is designed and deployed to meet your needs. We carefully manage the work being done in your community to verify everything is done correctly and on schedule.   

PROJECT Management


Our Project Management team brings decades of combined experience to the table and adheres to strict PMI standards when it comes to managing your project. We act as a central organizing hub for the efficient deployment of your broadband network.  

True to our cooperative values, we take extra care to confirm each project we manage is fully aligned with our members’ goals. We’re not profit-driven, which means we’re able to focus on listening to your needs and helping you meet the needs of your community. 


Building a network is a heavy undertaking. Typical broadband deployment projects average more than 5,000 line items that need to be addressed and accounted for. Every change that occurs in a project timeline needs to be fully understood and documented to mitigate against the possibility of unexpected waterfall effects. 

Our Project Management team also operates as the communication and response center for your entire broadband deployment project, taking responsibility for: 

  • Planning & Scheduling 
  • Project Communication & Documentation 
  • Budget Management 
  • Risk Management 
  • Change Management 

It’s an enormous challenge to carry on your own, and we shoulder as much—or as little—of the burden as you’d like. 

We’re a partner you can trust. 

NRTC’s Project Management team is focused on helping you create the business you want and efficiently deploy the broadband network that will best serve your community for decades to come. 

Construction Management


NRTC’s Construction Management team comes to the broadband deployment process ready to listen—and ready to work. As your partner, we focus on understanding your goals; as your trusted adviser, we help you determine the best path to achieve them. And our contracts are structured to ensure our members’ priorities come first as we oversee construction. 

Our construction teams typically include an Outside Plant Manager, Construction Supervisors, and multiple Inspectors who oversee the work performed by NRTC -trained contractors—all working together to ensure your network is built quickly, efficiently, and according to your approved design specifications.  

Inspectors that Represent Your Interests

NRTC’s inspectors are your eyes and ears in the field, ensuring the work handled by contractors is reported accurately. They’re our frontline for members when it comes to verifying and recording the physical details and network information that will be critical to your success for generations to come.  

As your representative when it comes to oversight, we set our level of inspection to meet your standards. Whether you need inspectors to oversee every contractor crew in the field or only require us to review the plant once a week to confirm work after contractors submit their invoices, we put your needs first. Every member and every project is unique—we find the best results are achieved when we treat them that way. 

Building Networks Better

Our cooperative approach to construction management radically reduces the number of construction headaches members face when it comes to building out complex broadband networks by putting us on your side of the table—looking out for your interests as extended members of your team.  

We’re not motivated by profit. We’re motivated by your success. 


Why Choose NRTC?

There are many providers out there who can help you develop, deploy and maintain your broadband network. But NRTC is different.

We understand that every network is unique, and there is no “one-size fits all” solution. We don’t have a specific network we’re trying to sell—we help you explore all available options to understand the potential effects each one can have on your business.

What’s more, NRTC is organized as a cooperative. That means that we are not driven by profit, but rather the long-term success of our members.


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