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Managed Services


We Run Your Business So You Can Focus on Growth

It takes a lot of time and resources to manage a network, handle customer support around the clock, and try to grow a business all at once. Leverage our expert personnel and leading-edge products and services so your team can focus on taking care of your customers, improving your network, and growing your business.

Network Management

Whether you’re looking to deploy complex and innovative network architecture without having to staff a team to manage the devices and protocols that make up this infrastructure or you’re trying to figure out the best way to get started with cybersecurity to protect your critical customer data, our expert staff and comprehensive services can help you achieve your goals. We offer Network Device Management, NOC Monitoring, and cutting-edge analysis tools to help you make informed business decisions.

24x7 Helpdesk

No matter what your needs—supplementing your technical support, expanding it to non-peak hours, or completely outsourcing it—our highly-trained, U.S. based call center agents will take care of your customers as you would, 24x7x365. That’s because we built our support team by hiring the kind of people you’d want to hire yourself. You even decide how the help desk experience is branded. We’re like an extension of your own offices, providing support over the phone, by live chat and email, so your customers can interact with us however they prefer. We also offer a time-saving callback feature, allowing customers to go about their day instead of wasting time on hold. Our support is efficient, and we have low hold times and high rates of first call resolution. In short, you can trust us to give your customers the support experience they expect and deserve.


Your customers put their faith in your products and services, but are you confident that their information and data is safe and secure? We’ve partnered with several of the top vendors in the industry to bring you a robust, affordable cybersecurity suite, designed to help you build a solid cybersecurity foundation and maintain that security in the face of constantly-evolving threats.

We assess members’ current security before helping you implement a solid cybersecurity foundation. NRTC helps our members create robust security and privacy policies, protect their websites, stay on top of network vulnerabilities, and train their employees to recognize and avoid social engineering attacks. 

And when you’re ready to take your security to the next level, let us know. We’re the exclusive industry partner for Dynetics, one of the top cybersecurity firms in the world.

Subscriber Services

Your customers are the most important part of your business. That’s why we’ve built a comprehensive set of products and services to help you complete your portfolio. From feature-rich, easy-to-use email to robust home computer cybersecurity protection, we make it easy for you to provide the services your customers need while generating opportunities for you to diversify your revenue.

Our email services are secure, featuring spam and virus detection, and include contact management, calendar, file sharing and much more. It’s all built into an easy-to-use browser-based platform that accessible from any device anywhere. NRTC also offers a variety of services for your business customers, including email and website hosting.

Marketing Support

We offer professional marketing support services to help you quickly and successfully bring your products and services to market. We equip our broadband managed services customers with an email marketing tool, a library of customizable collateral, supplemental social media support, and more. Our success is tied closely to yours in a very real way, so we do everything possible to help you convey your value to your customers.

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