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Marketing and Training

No matter where you are in your marketing lifecycle and no matter how big (or small) your marketing team is, we have services designed to complement your current efforts to whatever extent needed.   

In a very real way, we are tied to our members’ success. In fact, our #1 core value is that “Our members are our reason for being”, and we take that commitment very seriously. We have a strong incentive to help you grow however we can, and our marketing services reflect that. 


CrowdFiber is a sales and marketing automation platform built for the unique needs of the electric and telecom industries. Service providers of every size and stage use CrowdFiber to analyze their geographic markets, deliver a competitive online buying experience for their members, grow smarter, and even apply for broadband funds and grants. With more than 100 modules, features, and tools, CrowdFiber can be tailored to fit the needs of any ISP. 

Marketing Essentials Toolkit 

To help ensure your success, NRTC provides a baseline set of marketing services for all premium customers. These core services include: 

Marketing Collateral: Access to hundreds of brandable ads and materials – add your logo, name, and text into professionally written and designed marketing collateral. 

Educational Content: Reduce support calls and increase CSAT by empowering your customers with educational materials, including white label whiteboard videos and handouts. 

Email Marketing Software: To ensure your message reaches its intended audience, we provide a professional email marketing platform. Get access to professionally designed email templates, robust analytics, A/B subject-line testing, and more. Plus, you’ll receive training for all staff, led by your NRTC Customer Advocate. 

Social Media Support: Supplement your social media efforts and enhance your “technology expert” status with access to regularly developed social media content (including tech-related educational blogs). 

CSR and Sales Training 

Customer Service Representatives often have the most interaction with your customers; in a very real way, they are the face of your company. Make sure you are getting the most out of those interactions and positioning your customer-facing staff for success. 

Prepare your CSRs to

  • Better service customers and build relationships with them 
  • Recognize customer needs as opportunities, identify the appropriate solution, and convey the value to customers 
  • Understand the latest technologies and how they impact your customers 

Full-day of training tailored to your specific situation and focused on four major areas

  • Review of the latest technologies and how they impact the bandwidth needs of your customers 
  • How to exceed expectations when providing service to customers 
  • Upselling and cross-selling by recognizing needs and conveying value 
  • Updates on the rural service provider industry and new trends in the marketplace 

Includes a 6-week follow-up campaign to reinforce the training. 

Video Production Services 

Videos are an engaging way to connect with your customers. Our video production services are professionally done and cover up to a two-minute animated video. The service includes assistance with the video concept, scripting, and storyboarding. Royalty-free music and voiceover narration is also included. 

Website Development, Hosting and Maintenance 

Build or refresh your website with a proven, streamlined design and development process conducted by a highly experienced team. You’ll gain access to a variety of options to enhance your website’s capabilities, including maps, forms, contests, embedded videos, embedded social media feeds, live chat integration, and much more. You can even add a bandwidth needs calculator to help customers choose the right plan for their lifestyle. 

The core site template is a budget-friendly option for providers, plus upgrades are available for expanded needs. Monthly maintenance is also available, and includes hosting, security patches, and reasonable content updates. 


CrowdFiber Ready to Help with BDC Requirements

Some rural broadband providers say they are “terrified” and “overwhelmed” by the FCC’s new broadband reporting requirements. Those are the terms participants in a webcast on the FCC’s new Broadband Data Collection (BDC) process used. Fortunately, NRTC’s CrowdFiber demonstrated mapping tools that can take some of the anxiety out of the new process.


The Latest Managed Services News

NRECA Chief Scientist Emma Steward talks to Electric Cooperatives about Cybersecurity Awareness Month (October 2022)

Cooperatives Participate in October Cybersecurity Awareness

October, along with being Co-op Month, is also Cybersecurity Awareness Month (CSAM), a topic important to co-ops’ future technology planning. The federal government’s Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) established the observance in 2004 to call attention to what is still a growing problem worldwide. For the third straight year, NRTC is a Cybersecurity Awareness Champion and supporting CISA’s efforts.
Operational Intelligence

NRTC Launches Operational Intelligence Platform for Broadband Providers

Operational Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic analytics platform that proactively helps optimize a broadband provider’s business. The platform correlates all traffic that flows across the provider’s network with infrastructure elements, subscribers, traffic types, security information, location, social media, weather and more in real-time.
SilverSky and NRTC Join Forces

NRTC Upgrades Cybersecurity Services for Member Use

SilverSky, a cybersecurity innovator offering powerful managed detection and response (MDR) services, and NRTC, a member-driven and technology-focused organization based in Herndon, Virginia, today announced an agreement to offer cybersecurity services to NRTC members.

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