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Network Services

Optimize Your Network and Customer Experience

Whether you’re looking to deploy complex and innovative network architecture without having to staff a team to manage the devices and protocols that make up this infrastructure or you’re interested in an analytics platform to help optimize your business and be more proactive, NRTC’s expert staff and comprehensive services can help you achieve your goals.

Operational Intelligence & Full Network Monitoring

Operational Intelligence is a vendor-agnostic analytics platform that proactively helps optimize a broadband provider’s business. The platform correlates all traffic that flows across your network with infrastructure elements, subscribers, traffic types, security information, location, social media, weather and more in real-time. Operational Intelligence provides value across all areas and levels of your business by turning operational data into actionable intelligence.

The platform is particularly valuable helping you be more effective managing your network by alerting only on what matters and automating tedious tasks. It can identify potential service and subscriber issues using machine learning and real-time data analysis so you can address them before they happen. Easy-to-understand dashboards which can easily drill down to views at the user or infrastructure element level allow you to troubleshoot more quickly and effectively. Custom alerts and actions ensure the appropriate teams are notified at the right time. You can opt to monitor the software data yourself or have NRTC’s experienced NOC technicians monitor your entire network 24x7x365.


Core Network Monitoring & Management

We believe that quiet networks make for happy customers. NRTC’s Core Network Monitoring & Management takes the burden of day-to-day network tasks off your staff. Using a proven Watch and Response workflow, our experienced NOC Technicians review and validate network events before responding appropriately, minimizing the impact to your staff and your customers. For more in-depth maintenance and troubleshooting, our expert NOC Engineers can manage select devices to help improve and maintain your network as well as monitor it.

The result? Our 24x7x365 NOC will keep you fully aware of the state of your network, maintain and improve its integrity and stability, and free your engineers from routine alarms to focus on their primary responsibilities: growing and strengthening your network. All for a very reasonable rate that’s much less than building an in-house, 24×7 dedicated monitoring solution.

Network Traffic Analysis

How you manage your network impacts more than just the Network Operations team. Technical teams need to know if the digital experience is what it needs to be, whether the network is the problem, and if the business is protected from attacks. Management needs to understand current costs and gain insights to help plan for future investments. Sales and business development should leverage network data to identify top customer and partner prospects and build new service offerings.

We have the solutions to provide the data your teams need to optimize your business. Our monitoring and analysis tool provides you with insight into what is happening on your networks in real-time, using Netflow, SNMP, DNS and BGP data. Gain in-depth information about routing, traffic flow, application use and more, which can be useful for practically everyone in your business.

DDoS Mitigation

NRTC’s DDoS Mitigation service is far more than just a software program. We have live network technicians monitoring for attacks 24×7, so we can make better decisions, react faster, and minimize the impact to your customers.

Network Utility Server

Take advantage of NRTC’s fully configured and supported onsite servers for the following services:

  • DHCP (Plain old DHCP, DHCP Option 82 – additional security, Mac based)

  • DNS

  • Full RADIUS support

  • Branded Local Speed Test

CALEA Compliance

The Communications Assistance for Law Enforcement Act (CALEA) enhances the ability of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to conduct electronic surveillance by requiring that telecommunications carriers and manufacturers of telecommunications equipment modify and design their equipment, facilities, and services to ensure that they have built-in surveillance capabilities, allowing federal agencies to monitor all telephone, broadband internet, and VoIP traffic in real-time. Since CALEA was first passed in 1994, it has been greatly expanded to include all VoIP and broadband internet traffic.

NRTC offers affordable assistance to comply with CALEA. Most broadband providers use Trusted Third Party (TTP) operations to offset the high equipment costs required to meet the CALEA mandate. NRTC has the tools and expertise to manage and carry out TTP responsibilities. After viewing our rates, we are sure you will consider us as a reasonably-priced solution to the CALEA mandate.

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