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Mobile Solutions


Flexible Solutions for Rural Communities

With our robust mobile voice and data offerings, rural communities can enjoy all the advantages of smartphone and tablet use on a nationwide 4G LTE cellular network, even in areas where creating a costly wireless infrastructure just isn’t feasible. Our turnkey private label Mobile Virtual Network Operator makes this possible. And our experienced wireless team means you’ll also get excellent and flexible back office support.


White Label Phone Service

Our turnkey system allows our members to offer 4G LTE cellular services from coast to coast, with no capital expenditures or expensive construction projects. We also offer wholesale discounts on all the latest and in-demand devices.

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Tending the Fields – from Home

Farmers have been using GPS to cut more efficient rows for decades. Find out how wireless is transforming irrigation.

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No Surprise: Mobile Data Increases in Popularity

There has already been one wireless device per person in the US since 2013. Guess when it will be two devices per person? Sooner than you think.

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