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Smart Grid


Smart in So Many Ways

Smart Grids help you bring reliable power to the rural homes you serve. With improved communication thanks to a faster flow of data with advanced metering infrastructures (AMI), you’ll know how and where your customers are using electricity. This knowledge reduces outages, gets power back online faster when outages do occur, and helps you run a more efficient utility. We can make life easier for everyone from the linemen in the field to technicians remotely monitoring systems to the manager planning deployment and financing. Let us help you build the best network for your region, with demand management features, advanced analytics, and advanced, next-generation energy capabilities—a truly Smart Grid.


Metering Networks

AMI gives utility managers a window into how and where its customers are using electricity and the information they need to avoid outages. When outages do occur, real-time communications between the utility and field staff ensure the swiftest path to energy restoration.

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Grid Intelligence

Modern utilities generate data from numerous sources – AMI, SCADA, meter data management systems, distribution automation, outage management, vehicle location systems, workforce management, GIS mapping, and many more. NRTC has the tools to ensure that these systems interoperate successfully and produce worthwhile information.

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Next Generation Energy

Alternative energy sources are becoming common among NRTC members—everything from solar, wind and now even energy storage. Technology in these fields is developing at an amazing pace, and our members are at the forefront of the energy revolution.

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Stay Alert: Changes in Federal Clean Power Policy

The Supreme Court may have dealt a blow to the EPA's Clean Power Plan, but don't let your guard down.

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Fiber and Electric Co-Ops

What are electric cooperatives doing in the fiber arena? Quite a lot, as it turns out.

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