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Delivering the Solution is Just the Beginning

NRTC has always prided itself on scouting various technologies, identifying those that can be of value to members and then delivering those technologies as solutions that fit members’ unique situations and the communities they serve. But, we’ve realized that members need—and deserve—so much more. Anyone can sell you a technology. As your trusted technology solutions partner, NRTC is focused on supporting you after that technology is implemented.


Customer Support

Our members take great pride in their customer service, and it's our top priority. When a complex technical roll-out threatened to cause confusion among a member's customers, we delivered a thorough plan to ensure that upgrades proceeded smoothly and kept customers informed.

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Marketing Support

We never leave you behind. Your goals are our goals, and we provide detailed marketing and support plans to make your businesses more successful. From launch to subscriber retention, we have marketing strategies and support to help you.

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Managing any business can quickly become a complicated task, especially when you're always juggling new people and new projects. Our members enjoy training tailored to meet their needs and designed to get new businesses running smoothly as soon as possible.

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Project Management

We're with you every step of the way, from the initial setup to managing the deployment of your project. Learn how we helped one Oklahoma electric co-op design and launch a communications system that met their needs.

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Vendor Management

We don't leave our members in the dark when they need help working with a vendor, even if it's well past our normal business hours. When a storm rolled through Georgia late one night, we were on the phone to help.

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