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Support Services

An Experienced Team to Help with All Aspects of Your Business

In addition to providing programming and support for linear, mobile and In-Home Streaming (IHS) services, as well as partnerships with DISH for their DISH and Sling TV products, NRTC also offers a variety of support services to help you with your video business.

We have experienced team members who can provide consulting services to negotiate your local broadcast and regional agreements, and even assist as you consider launching video or expanding your current video footprint. In addition, our operational team can manage the monthly reporting and payment process for your direct programming agreements.

Retransmission Support

NRTC offers retransmission support/consulting to help you negotiate and secure contracts with local broadcasters for local channels as well as regional stations. We would be happy to put together a proposal for you which would provide specifics about your market and identify the must-carry versus retransmission stations in your designated market areas. 

Direct Billing

Members have the responsibility of providing monthly reports and paying programmers and broadcasters for your direct video agreements. NRTC offers a programmer reporting and payment service to assist members by incorporating your direct services into our established and automated month-end reporting and payment process.

Members provide contract and rate details for their agreements. On a monthly basis, members report package subscriber counts to NRTC and we use the data to report and pay the programmers and local broadcasters on your behalf.

Incorporating direct billing services into the NRTC process has several benefits, including:

  • NRTC handles all payment/reporting to programmers/broadcasters; streamlining your accounts payable process by reducing the amount of time your staff would spend on processing programmer reports and invoices
  • NRTC handles all programmer/broadcaster communication; reducing your volume of inbound programmer inquiries
  • Consolidating national and local/regional services into one invoice



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