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Video Programming for the Living Room and Beyond

There’s nothing better than coming home at the end of day to unwind in front of the television. That’s a fact your subscribers well know, and it’s long been NRTC's goal to ensure that your subscribers have access to all of the best content available.

Since 1986, that’s what we’ve been about. It’s a 30-year tradition that NRTC carries on today with TelcoVideo, our collection of linear programming distribution rights. In fact, we’re the only programming aggregator in the country that’s owned by small- and medium-sized telcos just like you. We have your interests at heart, and that’s why TelcoVideo is much more than just programming.

We Make Running a Video Business Easier

You run a complicated business. It’s as simple as that. We kept this thought front of mind when we developed TelcoVideo. We created online tools, support programs and initiatives to make sure you have the time do what you do best: taking care of your subscribers and running an efficient business.

Our online Business Center provides you with access to all the critical information you need to make day-to-day decisions. You also have access powerful reporting tools, a catalog of available programming agreements and our Web-based contract management system that helps keep you on track and organized.

NRTC’s video staff, with cumulative decades of experience in the industry, are here to answer your questions and give you guidance. We’re your back-office support, and we’re here to help.

Unparalleled Marketing and Sales Support

We’re not your typical programming aggregator. We put your needs first, and that’s why we offer comprehensive sales and marketing support to our video members.

Our team will work with you to create innovative marketing campaigns to acquire new subscribers, upsell existing ones and provide compelling incentives to those who are thinking about leaving.

You can participate in national-level campaigns coordinated among all of our members, or you can work with your dedicated sales and marketing manager to create one just for you.

We even work with content creators to make sure that you have all of the programmer-branded merchandise you might need to support events or campaigns. We even send you posters to decorate your lobby.

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