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Video Programming

Video Programming for the Living Room and Beyond

It has long been NRTC's goal to ensure that your subscribers have access to all of the best content available. We have agreements for every major channel from every major content programmer, as well as smaller, niche content providers. Companies that become a member of NRTC and complete a video business agreement, are able to sign on to these agreements to distribute programming to your customers via IPTV, cable, In-Home Streaming (IHS), TV Everywhere (TVE) or Video-on-Demand (VOD).

We Make Running a Video Business Easier

NRTC’s video offering comes with the support and tools to ensure you have the time to do what you do best: taking care of your subscribers and running an efficient business.

NRTC’s Video Solutions will assign each video member a Key Account Manager and an Account Representative. Your designated support team will guide you through the launch process, including channel lineup development and programmer contract paperwork. Once your video business has been launched, Video Solutions will continue to provide support such as billing and programmer payments and act as the liaison between vendors and programmers on your behalf.

In addition to your designated support team, video members have access to a variety of tools and communications to support your video business. Our online Business Center provides access to all the critical information you need to make day-to-day decisions. Video Solutions has developed powerful reporting tools, a catalog of available programming agreements and our Web-based contract management system.

We provide ongoing communications regarding programmer, content and industry news and updates via bi-weekly newsletters and quarterly webcasts. To assist with the promotion of your video product, NRTC provides access to programmer marketing assets including social media posts, logos and information on free preview opportunities. 

Mobile Video with All the Best Authenticated Channels

Your video subscribers are always on the go, and they want to watch their favorite shows, movies and sports anywhere they are. We not only make that possible, we make TV Everywhere (TVE) easy to manage.

NRTC’s exclusive member offering - MyTimeTV® - allows cable, satellite, IPTV and streaming subscribers to watch their television programming on internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is no additional equipment required at your headend or in the home, and no significant capital or technical expenditures either. We handle all of the back-end work to verify subscriber credentials, and your subscribers will enjoy their entire subscription anywhere they go.


As part of MyTimeTV®, NRTC has also developed TVeZ to help you manage subscriber information and navigation detail for your website. If you do not currently collect and maintain subscriber usernames and passwords, you can utilize TVeZ to gather that information. TVeZ also provides a convenient, easy-to-upload file that you can post on your website allowing subscribers one-click access to their favorite TVE content. 

Learn more about our video solutions