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The Future of Television is Outside Hollywood

You don’t need connections in Burbank to get your movie made. Today, enterprising filmmakers and television producers look to the Web when they want to make the latest surprise hit.

So do we. We've made strategic partnerships with the latest cutting-edge content and hardware partners to bring to you everything you need to meet the complicated demands of video subscribers in the 21st Century. We're bringing local, over-the-air content to our members' subscribers, and we're hard at work creating compelling video offerings that will tempt even the stingiest customers.

Consumers are Ditching the Cable Box

We'll help you bring them back with attractive packages and offerings that appeal to consumers who would otherwise ditch their subscription.

In conjunction with our subsidiary, NeoNova, we offer a suite of services that embrace these next-generation services. 

Remember when you had to stay at home between the hours of 8 a.m. and 4 p.m. to wait for the cable guy to install a set-top box for the new TV? Those days are over. Today you can order inexpensive, thumbdrive-sized gateways to countless hours of entertainment—a revolution in video.

We're here to help you deliver the promise of unbundled content to rural America.

Local Television Redefined

There's an expression in politics: all politics are local. The same is true with media. All media is local media. People want to know about what's happening down the road. They want to know when that bridge construction will be completed, and who was elected to the school board.

That's why we made ViewLocal. It brings local, over-the-air broadcasts to your subscribers on inexpensive streaming devices. 

Available through our subsidiary NeoNova, ViewLocal, we'll help you secure the necessary retransmission agreements and work out all the technical details to ensure a smooth, local experience for your subscribers.

70 Percent of All Internet Traffic

That's how much data streaming video and audio take up in North America. Even crazier? It was only half that five years ago.

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