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Programming from Beyond

Over-the-top (OTT) options are a great way to reach consumers who are not interested in a typical video subscription and want greater affordability without sacrificing the quality of the content they can choose.

OTT is a streaming media service offered directly to viewers over a high-speed internet connection rather than through a closed private network to a set-top box (STB). OTT is often watched on a web-enabled TV or device such as Roku, Fire Stick, Apple TV and others.


HBO Max is HBO’s Over-The-Top (OTT) streaming service that offers an expansive library including 10,000 hours of content from Time Warner’s catalog, new original series, classics from TCM, Warner Brothers’ cartoons, popular television series (e.g., Friends, South Park, The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, etc.) and reality shows.

Your broadband consumers can watch HBO Max on cell phones, tablets, Mac and PC browsers, streaming media players and game consoles.

Members can resell this service and earn a monthly margin. Members simply submit a flat-file with HBO Max subscriber information and NRTC handles all of the back-end work to verify subscriber credentials.      

NRTC’s support team will assist members in launching HBO Max. 

Sling TV

As part of our partnership with DISH Network, NRTC members have access to provide Sling TV, which offers national OTT video content. Help your customers watch the content they want at a price they can afford with our Sling referral program. You not only get additional revenue, but you also retain your status as the go-to solution provider for your customers.

Sling TV offers subscribers several programming packages with an array of content and no contracts to sign or long-term commitment. Better still, there is no expensive equipment to install, and subscribers can watch content after following a few simple steps. Sling TV also offers a cloud-based digital video recorder (DVR) and a la carte sports, lifestyle, news and movie packages.

Sling TV offers you the ability to maintain your broadband customer, provide them with affordable video solution and earn monthly revenue once they sign up.

In addition, DISH Network’s AirTV product is a nice complement to the Sling TV service as it may provide access to additional local broadcast networks using an over-the-air antenna. 

In-Home Streaming

In-Home Streaming (IHS) is an app-based product that allows a subscriber to view their subscription video services on internet-connected PC, laptop, tablet or smartphone devices within their home.

App-based video is an increasingly popular way consumers want to view content due to low-cost subscription and the ability to view content on a variety of devices. Your app-based product can provide the same benefits, but also offer live streaming content including local news and sports.

We have agreements for every major channel from every major content programmer, as well as smaller, niche content providers, the majority of which allow IHS distribution. Companies that become a member of NRTC and complete a video business agreement, can sign on to these agreements to distribute programming to your customers via an approved IHS platform.

Your NRTC-designated support team will guide you through the launch process, including channel lineup development and programmer contract paperwork.

Members can maximize their broadband pipeline and maintain customers by offering an IHS video service. In addition, this product eliminates the need for equipment maintenance, set-top box inventory and truck rolls for installations and service calls.

There are several platform providers that can support members with developing a system to provide IHS service to consumers. Most of these vendors will assist you with ingesting and transcoding content, as well as developing and maintaining your app in the various app stores.

In addition to the established IHS platforms, members have the option to build their own platform and develop/maintain their own apps. If you choose this option, NRTC will work with you to help navigate programmer approvals on your system infrastructure and technology.

Learn more about our OTT video solutions