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Build and Launch Your Network Right

We make sure that when you deploy your network, you do it right. We’re with our members from the first day they lay fiber, to the day they light up the first customer. NRTC is committed to the success of our members’ deployments, and we have the experts and the tools on hand to make sure of it.


Our experienced team can design, engineer, and manage your broadband network construction for wireless, telecom, and smart grid networks to enable you to connect offices, substations, key commercial customers, and critical infrastructure end points. High-bandwidth, redundant, two-way, private, and secure communications can ensure instant two-way data, voice, and video communications. 

Construction/Project Management

Choosing the right construction partner can play a key role in the success or failure of any network launch. For all broadband projects, we oversee the request for proposals (RFP) process to ensure the best possible firm is chosen for you. NRTC works with a variety of fiber construction firms across the country. We don’t stop there. After construction begins, we work with your team to supervise the successful build-out of your network.


Broadband Equipment is, of course, a large capital expense for every broadband project. The procurement of this equipment can also be a large ongoing effort, requiring a great deal of coordination with multiple vendors.

We have worked to secure the best possible pricing for a wide range of broadband equipment for our members. As your technology cooperative, our goal for equipment procurement is to save you time and money for your project.

Permitting Services

Let our expert analysts handle your permitting needs.

NRTC has the expertise and experience you need so your staff isn’t tied up on permit applications and administration.

  • Highly Experienced Team: We’ve obtained permit approvals from a variety of organizations, including railroads, DOTs, the Army Corps of Engineers, drainage boards, and cities/counties.
  • Scalable CAD Capabilities: Our expert CAD team scales to your needs, regardless of your project’s size.
  • Licensed Professional Engineers: Our licensed professional engineers can address any sear requirements. As part of the permitting process, the team looks for the most beneficial path to take, if cost savings are available.

Take advantage of our battle-tested permitting process.

Learn more about our broadband solutions