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Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS)

NRTC offers an effective, affordable software solution to control distributed energy resources throughout the electric distribution chain. AutoGrid, a leading provider of Distributed Energy Resource Management System (DERMS) software, has developed the Flex platform with tools to control and/or reduce kw demand for maximum efficiency during peak demand events.  

AutoGrid Flex™ integrates with a wide and evolving variety of distributed energy assets such as thermostats, EV charging stations, and residential storage products. It handles all functions in the lifecycle of a demand response program including program management and setup, member enrollment, member portal, load forecasting, dispatching control events, and post event measurement and verification utilizing cooperative AMI data. 

Future proof your solution

Regardless of your current needs or systems, AutoGrid Flex allows you to “grow as you go”, adapting to member and market needs. Its flexible integration capabilities mean it not only connects to and manages virtually any distributed energy resource, but it can also adapt to tomorrow’s rapidly evolving technologies so you won’t be left behind or forced into an expensive overhaul.   

SCALe your system as you grow

From simple thermostat DR programs to virtual power plant applications and EV fleet management, AutoGrid Flex’s capabilities will expand with you and your members as new distributed energy resources are developed. 

make smarter decisions with analytics

AutoGrid Flex is designed to provide you with timely, actionable reporting to help you make better, more informed decisions, including load forecasting, dispatchable load capacity, post event M&V, and more. 

Smart Water Heater Controllers Save Your Members Money

NRTC has partnered with Armada Power to bring their innovative smart water heater technology (PDF) to rural electric cooperatives. Armada Power’s patented FleetCommander software in combination with their UL-listed optimizer technology has created a way to shift energy use by proactively managing water heaters to become two-way communication storage-grid resources. By aggregating a fleet of water heaters and taking advantage of their stored thermal value, you can increase grid resiliency while being non-intrusive to members.


NRTC/CFC Collaboration Offers a Wealth of Smart Grid Insights

Electric cooperatives with experience using smart grid technologies say they have markedly increased consumer satisfaction. Consumer-members tend to notice the higher reliability (fewer outages) and improved affordably that smart grid systems can produce. A new report, Rural Electric Cooperative Smart Grid Benchmarking Report: Creating Value with Smart Grid Applications, takes a close look at all the various technologies and quantifies how each have benefitted co-ops and their communities.


The Latest Smart Grid News

NRECA Region 1&2 Meeting - 2023

NRTC Enhances Website; Seeking Closer Member Connections

You might have noticed that the NRTC website has a new look these days. We have been adding content and simplifying navigation through the large store of NRTC technology information. NRTC wants members to know how it helps them plan and build out new technologies and manage technology businesses. “Our mission is to be your trusted partner,” CEO Tim Bryan said.
Rural Electric Cooperative Broadband Benchmarking Report - 2022 Refresh

2022 Benchmarking Report Finds Electric Broadband Projects Have Been Successful

NRTC and NRECA worked jointly to produce the Rural Electric Cooperative Broadband Benchmarking Report 2022 Refresh. They surveyed 88 electric cooperatives who have deployed broadband services and gathered stats and insights for cooperatives considering future broadband investments. The report updates a similar report NRTC released in 2020.

Smart Thermostat Talk Launches Distributed Energy Webinar Series

For rural electrics taking a fresh look at Distributed Energy Resources (DERs), smart thermostats may be the best first step. DERs include a number of technologies that address the likely future of energy usage in the home. Nathan Holland, NRTC’s director of Grid Intelligence, recently led a half-hour webinar to review the current state of smart thermostats.

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