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Broadband Tops the Agenda in Texas

Randy Sukow / Aug 30, 2019

NRTC CEO Tim Bryan was back in Texas earlier this month (this time without benefit of the four-legged transportation he had at May’s NRTC TechConnect Conference) to discuss broadband technology opportunities during Texas Electric Cooperative’s (TEC’s) Annual Meeting in Austin. Broadband planning in Texas and several other states is on the increase after state legislatures across the country passed laws incentivizing electric cooperatives to enter the business.

NRTC was grateful to TEC to give Bryan a platform during this critical phase in rural broadband growth. “The crux of Tim’s message was the importance of deploying a robust network for both broadband and utility purposes, different technology options for serving rural areas and how NRTC supports our members with evaluation/deployment/management of world class networks,” said Matt Timmons, NRTC’s regional business manager serving Texas, Oklahoma and Louisiana, who attended the TEC meeting.

NRTC Broadband Solutions eases members through each phase of broadband deployment with feasibility studies to determine the best set of broadband technologies for each rural area’s needs, which could include fiber, fixed wireless, satellite or combinations of each. NRTC also can provide construction assistance and managed services to help operate a rural broadband business.

Earlier this year, the states of Mississippi and Georgia passed laws lifting prohibitions on electric cooperatives operating broadband services. Several other states, including Texas, passed laws deregulating easement rules and other barriers to electric cooperatives deploying networks.

Texas NRTC members who would like to learn more about NRTC Broadband Solutions and how to advantage of new rules can contact Matt Timmons at Members in the rest of the country can reach their regional business managers though the Contact page.

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